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This sophisticated Sterling Silver Men's Moissanite Ring is the perfect wedding ring or fashion accessory. Crafted with a strong genuine .925 sterling silver band, this ring features clusters of side stones and a halo surrounding the center stone which is your choice of a 1ct, 2ct, or 3ct moissanite stone. The moissanite stone is renowned for its hardness and brilliance, making this ring a timeless and durable piece that is sure to stand the test of time.

*Some rings are made to order. Lead times are between 5-15 days and your item ships promplty after customization! Shipping is free with tracking.*


Product Details

Main Metal: Sterling Silver

Moissanite: Center stone Round 1ct, 2ct, or 3ct

Side Stones: Round 1carat ring 146PCS- 0.95CT | 2 carat ring 154PCS- 1.03CT | 3 carat ring 158PCS- 1.16CT

Setting: Prong Button

GRA Certification

DEF Color

M76A M76B M76C

Sterling Silver Men's Moissanite Ring | Cluster 1ct 2ct 3ct

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