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This Moissanite Solitaire Ring has a perfect round solitaire stone in a prong setting. Your ring will also be crafted from high quality, genuine sterling silver and features a beautiful fiery moissanite solitaire. The Rhodium plating ensures a long lasting and brilliant shine. Moissanite is sure to last a lifetime, making this the perfect engagement ring to say "Yes" to.

You can also choose a 1 carat stone in yellow, blue, or pink in place of the superior white stones.

*Lead times are up to 5-15 days and your item ships promplty after customization! Shipping is free with tracking.*


Product Details

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Stone: Moissanite 1ct

Plating: Rhodium

GRA Certification

DEF Color


Sterling Silver Moissanite Solitaire 1ct | White Yellow Blue Pink

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